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100 TPD Kiln TYRE – For Sponge Iron Plant

We are the Manufacturer Supplier of Rotary Kiln & Cooler Tyres (Riding Rings) for Sponge Iron Plants & Cement Plants

1. Material: Alloy Steel Cabon steel etc. Casting or Forging
2. Max.OD in our business line: within 16,000mm
3. According to drawings and specifications
4. ISO9001-2008 Certificate
5. Tyre can be used for industrial purpose, and especially used on mill, rotary kiln and so on.
6.Weight:20-200 T

Rotary Kiln Tyre Quality assurance:

1. Chemical checking in the Qualified Lab
2. NDE after Rough Machining
3. Mechanical testing after Heat Treatment
4. Final NDE, Dimensions check



Rotary Kiln Tyre COMPLETE-ASSEMBLY-WITH-BEARING for Rotary Kiln Sponge Iron and Cement Manufacturers, Spares, Exporters, India and Out of India

Rotary Kiln Tyre Manufacturer | Supplier | Exporter For Sponge Iron Plant & Cement Plants India